Hello Again

Last Thursday’s event was a pretty hard hit to me. I have a lot of feels about the event, but this piece probably captures them better than I can articulate right now, The Future of the Mac, or, What The Hell Just Happened.

To me, Thursday’s event signaled one thing for me, and maybe I’m completely wrong, but the Mac is officially over. The sunset is calling, and until that sunset arrives, this is the future:

The MacBook Pro hardware setup
The MacBook Pro hardware setup

And fine… I could resign myself to that if Apple would throw a bone and actually give us the option to build out a computer that fits our hardware needs and not just what, at this point, is just a check box for size and weight reduction. I know, blasphemy, right?

Apple, the MacBook Pro is not a pro-level computer. It’s simply not.

You want to see what a pro-level laptop looks like? Look at the Razer lineup. They are crushing it on terms of performance and style in hardware design. Sure, it looks a lot like a MacBook Pro, but isn’t that what we want?

The 14” Razer is 17.9mm (height) x 345mm (width) x 235mm (depth) and weighs between 1.89kg and 1.95kg.

The 15” MacBook Pro is 15.5mm (height) x 349mm (width) x 240mm (depth) and weighs 1.83 kg.

So yeah… we are talking a mere 2.4mm (less than 1/10th of an INCH!!!) and 0.06kg or 0.12kg.

Yeah yeah, specs only tell part of the story and there of course is no Touch Bar, or Apple Pay, macOS in the Razer. And yes, the battery life in the Razer is not as good. All trade-offs. However, you’re marketing these as for professionals, so let us in on the decision for what we think is import.

Look, Apple, you have two lines of laptops that already cater to the ultra-portable and ultra-light: MacBook and MacBook Air. Would it be so difficult to actually build a real MacBook Pro line? Here’s the thing, you don’t even need to change the current shipping devices (other than more RAM, I mean, come on!) other than add one more item to your accessory stack: external docking/graphics enclosure.

Would I prefer the option of putting an Nvidia 1060 or 1080 in the laptop: yes, of course. However, I’m willing to face the truth if you are: we are living in a transitionary period, so let’s compromise somewhere.

I guess my point is this: Apple, stop telling professionals what they want and need in their machine. If you’re not going to be willing to build those machines, let companies like Razer build them for you.

Hello Again