Proteus Development Starts

Today, development on Proteus officially starts!

I’ve created a Patreon if you feel keen to supporting the development. The plan is simple: I’ll work on it weekly posting updates every two weeks. Backers at different levels will get a few additional perks.

The goals of the language are simple: create a modern-day C language, and on top of that, create a modern-day Objective-C language.

I’ll be writing the parser using Swift, so other platform support will come when Swift is open sourced and working on various platforms. I expect to see a lot of interesting tangential posts comparing the two languages.

This is an experiment. At the end of it, I hope to have a language more streamlined and “safe” than C without sacrificing the raw hardware access that it provides. On top of that will be the dynamic runtime that will serve as the modern-day Objective-C implementation.

Eventually, the project will be completely open-sourced.

Although this project was inspired by Handmade Hero, it will be not “handmade”. I’ll be writing the lexer and parsing for the language by hand, and likely with few other tools. However, the compilation steps will be leveraging LLVM. So, I expect we’ll see some interesting Swift-to-LLVM C API challenges along the way.

More details to come later!

Proteus Development Starts