Blog Migration (Completed!)

Well, the other day I ran into a fairly annoying issue: my static generator broke down because of how Go works. I was unable to publish anything to my blog. Nothing worked locally, and nothing would work even pushing it up my Travis CI instance.

That sucks.

The workflow for writing and publishing my blog entries was also less than ideal. I’d start in Ulysses, export to markdown, generate the site, make sure it rendered correctly, and then published the changes. That went up to GitHub, triggered a Travis CI job that would then do it all over again. A few minutes later, I might see my blog entry live.

So… I’m migrating to WordPress. I looked at others, but what I’m looking for is a no-hassle process. Since I work in Ulysses and since Ulysses supports WordPress, there we go.

I also looked into hosting my own WordPress instance. Yeah… “one-click installs” are fine, but there is still a bunch of configuration you have to do in the back-end. I just don’t want to have to spend time on that.

So, I’m moving to over to Unfortunately, that means that all of my URLs will break. I’ve also only brought over my five most recent blog posts. If you want to find my older stuff for now, you’ll need to check out

Update: 10/31/2016 – All of the content the blog content should be migrated over now. There may be some broken links or bad formatting as the migration was mostly done with some scripts and manual publishing.

Blog Migration (Completed!)