MacBook Pro: Radeon 455 vs. 460

I was in the Apple Store last week and they had the MacBook Pro in stock! However, at the price I was willing to spend, they only had the Radeon 455. Now, I have a model with the Radeon 460 on order, but thanks to @reidmain, I’m able to get some very basic comparisons of the two.To m

Basically the question I want to know, should I cancel my pre-order?

Here are the Unigine Valley benchmarks (the other difference is the 455 model as the 2.7 GHz Core i7 vs. the 460’s 2.9 GHz Core i7):

Model Score FPS Min FPS Max FPS
455 1393 33.3 19.4 54.6
460 1629 38.9 21.2 66.6

1920×1080, Windowed, Medium Settings, No AA

Model Score FPS Min FPS Max FPS
455 905 21.6 14.1 35.9
460 1087 26.0 16.2 45.4

1920×1080, Windowed, Ultra Settings, No AA

To put it lightly, I’m a little surprised that all I’m seeing is roughly a 5 FPS difference. For my needs, this is a clear choice: cancel my pre-order.

MacBook Pro: Radeon 455 vs. 460

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    1. Maybe that’s good for some, but for me, it still ends up just being a slightly better crappy graphics card. Not worth the price or hassle to wait for it and set up a new machine. Your mileage may vary.


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