Mistakes Were Made

My family has been waiting for our new home to be completed here in San Luis Obispo. We finally started the move in process, which is never fun. I’m setting up my office and I’ve realized that I made a pretty stupid mistake – not enough power!!!

We bought a new construction home, so we had the option to run additional power while they were framing the house. We added one for a fridge in the garage (a family of 6, soon to be seven!) and a microwave in a pantry closet. I didn’t even think about my office. šŸ˜¦

I just recently purchased a soldering station, flipped it over to check out the power requirements: 6A. That’s when it hit me – why oh why did I not run an additional circuit to the office!?!

My office has a 15A circuit on it, which supports a max of 1800Ā watts. Of course, you really should only have your circuits running at 80%, so that leaves 1440 watts for me to use.

Here’s my list of stuff (plus my wife’s as we are sharing it as a craft room / office):

Device Max (watts)
2013 Mac Pro 205
Main PC 200
Secondary PC 200
5k iMac 197
2011 iMac 170
Xbox One 120
Sewing Machine 100
Skiva USB Charging Station 84
Sony TV 75
Mackie Speakers 72
Soldering Iron 70
Dell 34″ UltraWide 55
Heat Gun 50
StarTech Drive Enclosure 48
Cricut 45
Samsung Monitor (purchased before my boycott started…) 36
Sony Soundbar 34
MacBook Charger 29
HP Printer 25
Yamaha DGX-650 13
Raspberry Pi Charger 12.5
Netgear Switch 12
Cable Modem 7
Eero 7
Apple TV 1.9
Total 1868.4

Well, crap.

There is some good news:

  1. These are all estimatedĀ peak wattage usage numbers, and
  2. Not all of these devices will be used simultaneously.

Moral of the story: always plan ahead for your power usage needs.

Mistakes Were Made

2 thoughts on “Mistakes Were Made

    1. Really depends on your setup and what you are using. For a typical home office, it’s likely not going to be an issue. Each of the computers mentioned above probably run at half to 3/4th the watts at normal loads.


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