Back to the Mac (Book Pro)

So, about two months ago I wrote this: Returned.

Well, here I sit, writing this blog post on pretty much the exact computer I returned. I spent the better part of two months looking at alternatives. These ranged all across the spectrum, including Windows alternatives, and even creating a Hackintosh. As a last ditch effort, I even put an SSD drive in my old 2012 iMac just to see if it would be good enough.

It wasn’t. Though, to be fair, it was really the video card that just couldn’t keep up. I run a 3440×1440 monitor setup. Sure, it could drive the display, but not very well. At least I will have a speedier little build machine.

So, Hackintosh, right? The problem: I just can’t justify violated the EULA to build a computer that I plan to do business work on. So that option was out.

Refurbished? I did think about it, but I couldn’t really justify to myself the price difference between a refurb machine and the new machines and missing out on getting Thunderbolt 3.

So… it’s with great hesitation that I pulled the trigger and re-purchased the 15″ Mac Book Pro with Touch Bar. It is simply the best option given the choices, and I’m tired of waiting.

Back to the Mac (Book Pro)

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