D&D: Sleepless Nights

WARNING: This contains spoilers for the D&D adventure, Storm King’s Thunder.

The clock struck midnight, well, it would have if it weren’t for the only creatures manning the church bells being the corpses of fallen goblins and adventurers hoping to find reprieve from the battle only hours ago.

It would seem fortune would smile on the adventurers that night though as a friendly face would appear out of the darkness. A short, even by dwarven standards, figure named Ramakin would stumble in upon the group huddled in the bell tower of the church.

Feeling safe and somewhat confident of their situation, the group would attempt to wait out the night, hoping that the day would bring better fortunes. What they did not know is the town was infested with goblins, and the pile of corpses outside would be as sure of a sign as any that trouble was lurking inside.

Ramakin boldy took first watch. It was no help. Not once, but twice the goblins were able to ambush the group. Fortunately, the goblins were terrible shots with their bows and would only land a few arrows before being vanquished. The third wave of goblins came near the break of dawn. This time, however, they would not be caught unaware.

What was supposed to be a guarded night of rest turned into a restless series of combat as goblins patrolled the area. To make matters worse, Scarlett and Bastion were both brought to the brink of death.

As dawn finally broke, another figure loomed from the building across the way. Ramakin chased her down. Under the guise of a town monk, Kella convinced the players that she was just an innocent bystander. The only odd feature about her was a small flying snake that was wrapped around her forearm.

But the adventures would have no luck this day. Kella was not who she said she was, but rather a member of the Zhentarim. Shortly after meeting her, a large force of her friends entered on horse back through the lowered drawbridge. After some simple convincing, and an unfortunately embarrassing display of power by the leader on horseback, the adventurers agreed that their best course of action would be to head to the keep.

Xolkin, the leader on horseback, attempted to display his authority by throwing a dagger at a goblin the players had captured and tied up for questioning. However, this DM doesn’t do “scripted outcomes” and Xolkin missed.

Dutifully, a young lieutenant retrieved the blade, killed, the goblin, and handed a new blade back to Xolkin saying, “Sir, it seems your blade is woefully unbalanced. Here, take mine instead.”

D&D: Sleepless Nights