Build Times

I’m finally getting back to fixing up a few things in my json-swift project, but this makes me sad:

9:53:02 › time swift build
Compile Swift Module 'JSONLib' (10 sources)
swift build 3.69s user 1.03s system 120% cpu 3.918 total

9:53:12 › wc -l Sources/JSONLib/*.swift
 55 Sources/JSONLib/Error.swift
 56 Sources/JSONLib/Functional.swift
 89 Sources/JSONLib/JSValue.Accessors.swift
 38 Sources/JSONLib/JSValue.Encodings.swift
 50 Sources/JSONLib/JSValue.ErrorHandling.swift
 68 Sources/JSONLib/JSValue.Indexers.swift
 74 Sources/JSONLib/JSValue.Literals.swift
 671 Sources/JSONLib/JSValue.Parsing.swift
 271 Sources/JSONLib/JSValue.swift
 67 Sources/JSONLib/ReplayableGenerator.swift
 1439 total

While it may not seem like 3.69s is not a long time… add in compiling and running the unit tests and we are at 7.66s. This is a trivially sized project and the pain of fast iteration loops stinks here.

Build Times

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